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Hello! We are 3 girls forming the K.A.T.-Clover-Team. We are best friends, love cute things, good movies and drawing. We hope you like our works. Have fun with our site!!More ?


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Name: Kitty

Geburtstag: 19.09.88

-Music: Muse, Sting, Linkin Park, Jonas Brothers, OST

-Book: Artemis Fowl, Night Watch

-Manga: Yami no Matsuei, Hana Kimi, Silver Diamond, Skip Beat

-Movie: Pride&Prejudice, Eagle Eye, Donald Strachey Mystery Series, Iron Man, Save Me, Inkheart

-Serie: Pushing Daisies, Supernatural, ER, QaF, Moonlight, Bones

-Animal: Dragonfly, Cats

-Colour: grey, orange, violet

Hobbies: reading, drawing, sewing, writing letters, drinking tea with my best friends all day

Name: Ace

Geburtstag: 09.01.19XX

-Musik: Darren Hayes, Xavier Naidoo, LP, Red, Tommy Reeve, Ronan Keating, VanVelzen, Stefanie Heinzmann, Evanescence, Night Wish, Cobra Starship, David Garrett, Mack Shane, Muse,  3 days grace, 3 doors down, Maroon 5,  Michael Buble…

-Buch: Stolz und Vorurteil, Operation Nautilus

-Manga: Lawful Drug, Erdbeere und Marshmollows, The one I love, Clover…

-Film: Full House (koreanisch), Hana Kimi, My Girl, Stolz & Vorurteil, I Robot, Der perfekte Mann, Shelter, Donald Strachey Mystery Series, Zorro, The curiosity of Chance, Mambo Italiano Indianer Jones Reihe, Breakfast with Scot, Dance, In and Out, Spiderman, Save Me,…

-Anime / Serie: Pushing Daisies, Moonlight, Ouran High School Host Club, Advent Children (FF7)…

-Tier: Schafe, Koala, Katzen, Delfine, Hunde, Schmetterlinge

-Farbe: blau, lavendel und grün

Hobbies: zeichnen, nähen, am Blog arbeiten, mit Ten und Kitty cappu trinken ^^, Wallpaper machen, Fimo, Gartenarbeit, Backen…

Name: Seiko Tenshi (Ten)

Birthday: 18.08

-Music: OSTs, 3 Doors down, 3 days greys, Muse, James Blunt, Evanscence, Cobra Starship, RED, Shane Mack, Maroon 5, Eskobar, Darren Hayes, Skillet...

-Books/Writer: Black Dagger, Lara Adrians Crimson Reihe, Im Bruchteil einer Sekunde, Das Hotel im Moor (Deborah, Crombie), Vamp-books, Der Duft des Blutes and Feuer der Rache of Ulrike Schweinkert,

-Mangas: Lawful Drug, Allichino, Drama Con, Tsubasa Chronicle, Love Contract, As you wish

-Movies: Equilibrium,  Jane Eyre, Pride and Prejudice, Advent Children, Disturbia, Shelter, Donald Strachey Mystery Series, Superhero-Movies (X-Men, Spiderman...), Save me,

-Series: Moonlight, Pushing Daisies, QaF,

-Games: FF-Reihe, Phoenix Wright, Tekken,

-Animals/Pets: Dogs, cats, Horses … all … aside from spider and another crawl-things.... -___-"

-Colors: black/white, blue, magneta, Saladgreen, blond violet (Lavender)

Hobbies: drawing/painting, ride books, music, dreaming/have visions... hehehe, go for a walk with my dog, Movies


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